A Good Place To Start

At Sales Engineering System, we say that we help businesses to rethink sales and marketing. This statement begs the question: Why is it even necessary to rethink sales and marketing?

Most business people understand the need for marketing and selling, but they don’t pay much attention to how those activities are conducted. Companies run ads and products or services are sold, and if business seems to be going OK, people tend to move on to the thousand other things that need to get done.

Marketing and selling go on consistently, in one form or another, but they are often nothing more than happenstance activities.

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Sales Engineering System is Bringing Unsexy Back

If you’re a business owner, or if you’re responsible for helping to grow the company that you work for, here’s some advice for you:

·      You should Tweet at least five times per day and write five Facebook posts per day.

·      If you want to land your ideal clients, have cardboard figures of them printed so you can arrange them around your conference table and practice pitching to them.

·      You can create a successful business in only four hours of work per week.

·      For your company’s next tradeshow appearance, have your team dress up as Star Trek characters.


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