brand readiness assessment

Von Clausewitz called it “the fog of war.” A less martial and more common term is the inability to “see the forest for the trees.” Both phases refer to much the same thing: the challenge of understanding the big picture when you’re trying to manage the day-to-day details.

Many executives encounter this problem when trying to focus and build their company’s brand. If this applies to you—or if you simply would like some outside perspective on how your brand shapes up—the Sales Engineering System Brand Readiness Assessment can help you.

The Brand Readiness Assessment provides a concise snapshot of your brand value from three distinct perspectives: brand strategy, marketing effectiveness, and sales efficiency.

  • Brand Strategy scores your overarching strategic intent, along with your specific go-to-market plan
  • Marketing Effectiveness estimates the equity of your brand identity, the market perception of your value propositions, and the ROI of your tactical marketing plan
  • Sales Efficiency evaluates how your marketing dollars translate to revenue dollars at your point of sale

We use a structured interview to prepare the Brand Readiness Assessment along with a detailed questionnaire. Assessment results, along with our specific recommendations for action (if any), will be detailed and presented in a written report.

For a limited time, we are offering this valuable service free to select companies that we believe we can help. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for this service. We simply want to introduce you to Sales Engineering System and the value that we can provide.

Call us today at (484) 535-0577 and we’ll be pleased to arrange the free Brand Readiness Assessment for you.