Trying to grow your business?

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After attending the Sales Engineering System Business Accelerator Boot Camp, finding more customers and closing more sales will be a piece of cake!

The Sales Engineering System Business Accelerator Boot Camp is an intensive, interactive 2-day crash course in how to more effectively grow your business. You will be totally immersed in all aspects of planning a killer go-to-market strategy that has new prospects flocking to your business. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have created a sustainable, bullet-proof selling system that turns your business into a profit powerhouse.

Over the course of this powerful program, you will develop all of the customized tools needed to convert your marketing into an unstoppable lead-generating engine that drives your new money-making machine.

Working directly with Sales Engineering System founder Kerry Lohrman, you will create

  • A compelling vision that makes it clear where you want to go
  • A powerful mission that gives you purpose
  • Core principles that keep you on course
  • Clearly defined goals that help you to prioritize and focus
  • Your go-to-market strategy
  • A crystal-clear brand identity that sets you apart in the marketplace
  • Compelling value props that make it impossible not to do business with you
  • A tactical marketing plan that gets results
  • Irresistible descriptions of everything you sell
  • A selling system that never quits
  • The selling tools and training you need to grow your business
  • A gut-check to make sure it’s all worthwhile

This is not a boring seminar where you sit for two days and take notes. It is highly engaging and totally interactive–so come prepared to work!  

At the end of the weekend, you will have a fully documented program for marketing and selling success that you can implement right away. Your Sales Engineering System toolkit is exactly what you need to break through the barriers and to propel your businesswhatever kind of business it might beto the next level.

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Small Business Boot Camp, Feb 21st & 22nd
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