Dinner seminar lead funnel

The Power and Value of Dinner Seminar Marketing

Dinner Seminar marketing is the process of promoting your products and services to a group of pre-qualified prospects who respond to an invitation to enjoy a free meal at a local restaurant.

Although the initial costs may seem high and the lead acquisition cost a bit steep, a well-executed dinner seminar lead program will consistently generate high-quality leads.

Not every business can use this tactic, however. Dinner Seminar marketing works best with high-ticket products and services that employ face-to-face selling to close deals. This is why financial planners and insurance salespeople have relied on dinner seminar marketing for years.

Industries That Can Benefit from Dinner Seminar marketing

Here are some business-to-consumer industries that are perfectly suited to using dinner seminars for lead generation:

·      Granite & Marble

·      Swimming Pools

·      Custom Garage Doors

·      Windows

·      Carpeting & Flooring

·      Sunrooms

·      Home Security

·      Kitchens and Cabinets

·      Roofing & Siding

·      Home Builders

·      Architects & Planners

·      Heating & Air Conditioning

·      General Home Improvement Companies

Dinner seminars also work well for certain business-to-business companies. Here are some examples:

·      Equipment Leasing

·      Consulting & Training

·      Marketing & Advertising

·      Managed Services

·      Staffing

·      Large Ticket Products

o   Technology

o   Office Furniture

o   Vehicles

Why Dinner Seminars Work

An integrated dinner-seminar program works for two main reasons. First, as any copywriter knows, the word FREE is one of the most powerful advertising words you can use. Used in conjunction with DINNER, response rates automatically go up.

And yes, some people you invite will invariably come just for the dinner. It’s part of the process and the cost of doing business. But the real power of the dinner seminar tactic is the seminar itself.

The dinner gets your prospects in the door—the seminar sells them, metaphorically at least. We recommend that you don’t actually “sell” anything at the seminar. What you are doing is providing valuable information about your product or service, and building both credibility and relationships in the process.

For that reason, your seminar content needs to focus on solutions, not on products and services. That will come later in the sales cycle.

So by combining a free meal with vital information, you will connect with prospects who not only want and need your solution, but who also trust and believe that you should be the solution provider.

The Components of a Successful Dinner Seminar

There are 4 major components of a dinner-seminar marketing program

1.     Direct Mail—Used to fill up the dinner venue, a direct mail campaign requires a clearly defined demographic profile and a very current mailing list.

2.     Restaurant Coordination—Menu, pricing, and service timing must be clearly defined beforehand. The location of the restaurant is critical as are the hours for the scheduled dinner.

3.     Presentation—A solid presentation is essential for building rapport and “pre-selling” your solution. It must be interesting, compelling, and concise.

4.     Lead Conversion—In order to ultimately generate revenue, the prospects who are attending your dinner seminar must be converted into leads. Since this is clearly the most important part of the dinner seminar program, it must be carefully thought out and flawlessly executed.

The Sales Engineering System Dinner Seminar Lead Funnel Solution

The Sales Engineering System Dinner Seminar Lead Funnel Solution is perfect for any business that is looking for a sustainable and cost-effective means of generating leads and more importantly, increasing revenue.

We will set everything up for you, prepare all of the necessary materials, and then train your team to run the dinner seminar program. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, we have optional levels of service that will take care of everything for you.

Determining a Dinner Seminar Budget and Projected Results

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Every business needs a steady stream of fresh, new leads in order to grow. The Sales Engineering System Dinner Seminar Lead Funnel will help you to do just that.


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