Sales Engineering System is proud to announce our groundbreaking new lead generation product designed specifically for home improvement contractors:


We're revealing all the secrets we've used to get our home improvement clients the best return on their marketing investment they've ever seen–with dinner seminar marketing.

A dinner seminar campaign costs even less than one of the household coupon mailers or magazines you may be using–and it's way more effective.

With dinner seminar marketing, you get instant credibility and immediate results–without any competition whatsoever.

Dinner seminar marketing combines a free dinner with an informative seminar to attract new customers to your business. It's a proven tactic that has been used by financial services pros for years.

We think the only reason you and your competitors aren't using it is that you've never thought of it–until now.

But you have an advantage: Your competitors don't have access to the step-by-step instructions and tools in our Toolkit that make running effective dinner seminars a snap.

The biggest challenge with dinner seminar marketing is that there are a lot of moving parts, and one small misstep can be costly. But with our Toolkit, the entire process is mapped out, from start to finish. We have tried, tested, refined, and proven everything.

Dinner seminar marketing works like gangbusters... and we show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Our comprehensive Toolkit includes:

·      Detailed instructions for every single step in the process
·      Pre-formatted templates for all necessary mailers and materials
·      Scripts for everyone you'll need to communicate with
·      A cost calculator
·      Checklists to guide you through the dinner from start to finish
·      Pre-designed presentations for a slam-dunk seminar
·      Worksheets and spreadsheets that make your planning a breeze

We leave nothing to chance, and nothing to the imagination. If you follow our Toolkit to the letter, you'll be up and running and closing high-quality new business in 28 days. Launching a killer dinner seminar campaign couldn’t be any easier than with the Home Improvement Lead Generation Toolkit!

Don't waste another minute and let your competition get the advantage. Put dinner seminar marketing to work for you today and dominate your market. Pick up your Home Improvement Lead Generation Toolkit today. At only $125, It will pay for itself--many times over--the very first time you use it. 

SES Home Improvement Lead Generation Toolkit

Generate an endless source of high-quality, qualified leads!

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