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Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

The success of any large enterprise often comes down to the effectiveness of the marketing department and the efficiency of the salesforce. But as a business scales, effectiveness and efficiency are typically inversely proportional to size. Without a focus on excellence and a commitment to achieve it, larger enterprises reach a plateau of mediocrity. This is often caused by a dichotomy between sales and marketing; their efforts are rarely coordinated and often happen in a vacuum.

Untold millions of dollars of marketing budgets are wasted each year on materials and promotions that the salesforce doesn’t buy into or simply ignores. On the other side of the equation, too many salespeople suffer a lack of success every day simply because they weren’t trained properly. They can’t adequately explain what they’re selling, they don’t follow a proven sales process, and they don’t fully understand their company’s compelling value propositions. Meanwhile, the senior executives look on as the sales and marketing departments battle it out and shake their heads in disgust when they see the numbers.

Sales & Marketing For Big Business

The Sales Engineering System for enterprise customers utilizes a training and development model that helps larger organizations (those with ten or more salespeople) to generate more leads and close more sales. The Sales Engineering System pays for itself many times over by replacing ineffective, generic sales training and by eliminating marketing efforts that aren’t integrated with the sales process. It has been used to improve and grow successful regional companies as well as global Fortune 100 corporations.

Marketing must articulate value propositions and a message model that supports them, and then institutionalize both. The sales team must assimilate every aspect of the message model, integrate it with a proven sales process, and then build a sales training program around it. In order to get sales and marketing moving in the same direction, the Sales Engineering System provides a robust platform that focuses marketing activities, trains the field salesforce, and then integrates them. Any enterprise that wants to stop leaving money on the table and capture more market share can benefit from the Sales Engineering System.

Unlike other most other books, courses, and programs, the Sales Engineering System delves deeply into both marketing and selling, not just one or the other. It conclusively covers all of the bases that impact how your business generates revenue.

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