dominate your market

As a Real Estate agent, you have the freedom, flexibility, and earning potential that most people can only dream of

It’s up to you to take advantage of it, and the Sales Engineering System can help.




You are

  • Running your own independent business
  • Free to call the shots and make the big decisions
  • Completely in control of your destiny
  • Not confined to a cubicle and a stifling corporate hierarchy
  • Responsible for your own success

You have

  • The opportunity to make a great income and live a wonderful lifestyle
  • A wide open market that’s getting stronger every day
  • Hundreds if not thousands of competitors
  • The challenge of getting seen and heard in a crowded marketplace

You need

  • A coach
  • A system for growing your business
  • A system for finding new listings and finding more buyers
  • A system for closing more sales
  • The Sales Engineering System


The Sales Engineering System custom real estate agent products will give you the edge you need to win big in your market and to succeed in your career. Created by a former licensed real estate agent who is now a recognized sales and marketing expert, these tools and programs will set you apart and get you to the top.

Our customized offerings include:

SES Real Estate Agent Virtual Coaching Program
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Virtual Coaching For Real Estate Agents

The virtual coaching program for real estate agents enables real estate agents to get their real estate business on a fast track for growth. The program offers six live, online training modules along with the opportunity for live, real-time coaching. The price is $149 for all 6 modules. *Special for Keller–Williams agents only: 1/3 off if purchased on December 10th!*

Dinner Seminar Toolkit

Everything you need to start using high-impact dinner seminars to generate high quality leads for your real estate practice. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual, worksheets, scripts, templates, and everything else you need to use this powerful tactic.  You can tailor this system to generate listings or to attract buyers. $99 for the entire kit.

Thought Leadership Program

Your credibility in the local marketplace will grow exponentially when you start to leverage your real estate expertise to become a thought leader in your field. The marketplace will seek you out for advice, information, and most importantly, your expert real estate services. Our packages start at $400 per month for 4 blog posts, 12 Facebook posts, and 4 LinkedIn updates. All content is branded and customized for you and your market.

Customized E-books

Our customized e-books are the perfect complement to our thought leadership program, or you can use them on their own to build your credibility and demonstrate your professional expertise. The two books, The Home Buyer’s Guide to (Your Town), and the (Your Town) Home Seller’s guide are written for your customers and customized with your brand, your photo, and your personal story. Each customized book is only $99, and you can buy both for $129. We give you everything you need to display your books on your website, as well as instructions for getting potential customers to download them. There is no better way to establish your expertise and to build your brand.

Seminars and Boot Camps

We regularly offer educational programs for real estate professionals on both marketing and selling. Sign up for our newsletter so you can find out about our upcoming events.