The Sales Engineering System Virtual Coaching Program for real estate agents enables real estate agents to get their real estate business on a fast track for growth. The program offers six live, online training modules along with the opportunity for real-time coaching.
MODULE 1–It's a Business, Not a Hobby: Getting Ready To Make Money
Essential information for any real estate professional, this module is particularly important for new agents who are just starting out. This module covers:
•    Forming and naming your company
•    Banking and insurance suggestions
•    To partner or not to partner…
•    Choosing a broker relationship
•    Become a student of process
MODULE 2–Dreaming and Planning–Creating a Blueprint for Real Estate Success
Like any business, before you just jump right in, it helps to have a plan in place. Module 2 will help you get to get the planning ball rolling. This module covers:
•    Creating a powerful vision for success
•    Define your mission by finding your purpose in real estate
•    Get clear on what's important to your business
•    Compelling goals to get where you want to go
•    Understanding your ideal customer
MODULE 3–Who Are You–Planning And Building Your Real Estate Brand
A powerful brand is important for any business, but especially for a real estate agent. This module will walk you through the process of defining who you are and, more importantly, how you bring value to the real estate selling and buying process. This module covers:
•    Your name says it all
•    Get personal with your market
•    Creating your personal story
•    Telling your personal story
•    Your unfair advantage
MODULE 4–Getting the Word Out–Creating Your Marketing Plan
Marketing is the process of attracting prospects and customers to your point of sale, which is the physical location where a buying decision is made. As a real estate agent, you have two constituencies of customers: sellers and buyers. Module 4 will help you to get the word out. This module covers:
•    Assigning time and dollar resources to a budget
•    Overview of standard real estate marketing tactics
•    Overview of guerrilla real estate marketing tactics
•    Deciding the right tactical mix for you
•    Executing your marketing plan
MODULE 5–Nothing Happens Until Something is Sold–Effective Selling For Real Estate Agents
Sales is the process of creating an equal exchange of value. If you're listing a house, you need to demonstrate why you're the best choice to handle the sale. If you're selling a house, you have to be able to clearly articulate why it's worth the price. This module shows you how to do both. This module covers:
•    Building rapport
•    Creating confidence and trust
•    Finding the pain
•    Sealing the deal
•    Finalizing the transaction
MODULE 6–A Lifetime of Value–How to Nurture Long-term Relationships With Customers
It requires resources to findcustomers–both listings and buyers–and the costs can quickly add up.  If your Cost of Customer Acquisition (CCA) seems steep, Module 6 will show you how to maximize the value you get from your investment. This module covers:
•    Calculating your CCA
•    Determining the lifetime value of a customer
•    Building relationships instead of finding customers
•    Communicating with your customer network
•    Leveraging the value of your network