what exactly do you sell?

If you want your business to grow, it has run like a well-oiled machine. But if the gears are grinding, we can help you fix it.

Try this experiment:

Gather your top executives into the conference room and have them write down their answers to this question: “What exactly do we sell?”

Do the same thing with your key marketing people and then with your entire sales organization.

Evaluate the answers.

Are they basically the same? Or are they fundamentally different?

Our experience is that the latter is more often the case. Our solution? The Sales Engineering System Strategic Selling Summit program.

The Strategic Selling Summit is a sales and marketing boot camp for your entire team. All of your key players—top executives, marketing department, and sales team—come together for three intensive days of lectures, interactive workshops, and team-building exercises. It is similar to a classic strategic retreat, but far more productive.

When you’re finished, everyone will be on the same page. You’ll have a documented, turnkey program that will seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing processes. Everyone will be crystal clear on your messaging and your offerings. Sales and marketing will be mutually supportive instead of functionally independent.

The Sales Engineering System Strategic Selling Summit is a custom program, designed and implemented specifically for your business. It is offered for a flat fee, which is far less than you would invest for a consulting project that would take much longer and be less effective. The program can take place on your site, or if you prefer, at an offsite location.

To find out more, simply call us at 484-535-0577, or fill out the form on the right. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and to schedule your Strategic Selling Summit as soon as you’re ready.

If your business keeps grinding along, reaching your full potential becomes very difficult. Let Sales Engineering System show you how to turn your company into a well-oiled machine, and there will be nothing left holding you back.

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