the course

An Interactive Learning Platform

Engineer Your Own Success

The Sales Engineering System course is a complete system that provides you with all of the tools and expertise necessary to promote your business and sell your products or services. Both educational and practical, the course logically organizes everything you need to know about marketing and selling and makes it understandable, then walks you through the process of building a sales and marketing platform that is customized for your business.

When you buy the course, you get instant access to our online content library and interactive app that provide you with a unique, cutting-edge approach to planning, troubleshooting, and optimizing the revenue-generation capability of your business.

What to Do and How to Do It

Decades of hard work, research, study, and practical application have been distilled into eighteen bite-sized lessons that you work through sequentially, at your own pace. Each lesson is accompanied by a set of insightful questions and logical decision trees that lead you to find answers for questions that you didn’t even know were important. The application tracks all of your input and synthesizes a set of deliverables that you can put to use immediately. We believe that the value delivered by the Sales Engineering System far exceeds what you would pay a consultant thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to produce.

Once you complete the course, you will view the way your business markets and sells in a whole new light. Your planning will be robust and seamless. You will have both the knowledge and confidence to solve any sales and marketing problem that comes up. You will be able to infuse a culture of sales into your business, whether it is just you or a team of hundreds—or even thousands—of people. In short, the Sales Engineering System shows you how to create the solid foundation needed to turn any business into a marketing and selling machine.


After completing the program, you will have

  • A thorough understanding of marketing and selling and how to apply it

  • A bulletproof marketing plan, from strategy through tactics

  • A documented sales process and the tools necessary to implement it

  • The customized sales training program that every business needs to maximize sales

  • A complete library of customized sales and marketing tools